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Sacred erotica to empower, uplift and transform your life

Your Sacred Authentic Self

Your Sacred Authentic Self

Thursday night, I launched the book, The Root: Discovering Power, on Kindle as an eBook. Hardly anyone knew about it, but I did share it with one of my best girlfriends. She wasn't about to let me get away with not celebrating this huge accomplishment.

We found ourselves reasoning late into the night over a couple glasses of wine and talking about how to step into your sacred authentic self. She had cautioned me not to behave as a "love rebel" because I wasn't trying to fight against how I was parented or creating something that is otherwise seen as "taboo" in the world.

I needed to step into my sacred authentic self and realize that this is what I was called to do. Do you know what that did to my psyche?

Your sacred authentic self awaits you!

I felt like I could breathe when I realized that I "wasn't doing anything wrong in creating metaphysical erotica." As a matter of fact, I was honoring The Divine Mother by stepping into my authentic self and OWNING UP to who I am and my purpose. And even more of a realization was that this is part of helping women and men worldwide heal their issues related to sexuality, power and relationships. That's pretty high!

What are 5 things you can do to step into your sacred authentic self?

#1. Permit yourself the honor to accept the invitation to act in a state of higher awareness, appreciation and gratitude for the Divine Being that you are

#2. Forgive yourself for being human and occasionally making mistakes. That's part of being on this Earth school is realizing where you fall short of your expectations and learning to manage your reactions to evolve and grow your consciousness.

#3. Realize that judgement is a mirror of your own personal perceptions of yourself. You may not realize that, but judging others is a form of judging something that you do not accept about your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual nature. Try to decrease your judgements and operate from a place of compassion.

#4. Being of service is one of the reasons why you came down into this planet. Whether it is offering a material good, an actual service or being a vibrant vessel of mindful awareness - it is all a measurement of service. And who are you serving? Why...The Most High of course! And in serving The Creator, you in turn serve your highest and best good as well!

#5. One of the most important aspects of stepping into your sacred authentic self is alignment. When you align to your path and purpose - life seems to make more sense and you are motivated by what will move you along on that journey. When your internal compass is set to forward and surrender, you will not regret trusting in yourself to step more fully into your path!

We hope you enjoy this post and ROCK your sacred authentic self everyday!

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