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Sacred erotica to empower, uplift and transform your life

What Turns You On?

What Turns You On?

Is it the mind? The body? The package?

We offer you more...

Sex is sacred. It is beautiful, powerful and can be one of the most healing forces in the world. Combined with intention, awareness and freedom - it can create magic in the body. It can transform the spirit and uplift the soul. To surrender is to trust fully and feel safe.

What is your comfort zone?

Most people don't want to answer that. At least - not publicly. The hangups most people have about sex - having experienced or witnessed it - can range from being very heavy to completely out of control. This can bring the human spirit down.

That is why we created something beautifully different.

Metaphysical Erotica looks at sex as a sacred dance that can be used to create power, enhance abilities, heal the body and manifest your desires. It is based on tantra, sacred geometry, hologenetic DNA work, chakras/power centers and the many creative ways to make your body feel amazing, alive and ready to play.

Metaphysical erotica...

  • triggers your senses
  • awakens your consciousness
  • activates your body
  • titillates your mind
  • turns you on

Your energy field expands because of it. This wave of sensuality moves through your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers. It winds you up so you can be a vehicle for pleasure. We're talking blasting your sexual vibration to a higher level so that you can receive....

passion and excitement

intimacy and connection

sexual power and love

Don't believe it's possible?

Metaphysical erotica is an evolution in sexual consciousness through the written and spoken word. For when the words are read or uttered to awaken and activate your centers of happens. Whether subtle or overt - your body feels it because you are taking it in.

And this is just the beginning. As you awaken and connect to your powerful, sexually aware self, so does the rest of your body. Watch out comes a woman who radiates a mystical secret that turns her on.

So what turns you on? Read our books and short stories. And please check out our videos. Our member community contributes to the creation of many of this amazing material. You could be a burgeoning author, therapist, energy worker waiting to unveil your gift of sexuality and sensuality through art.

Thank you for visiting our site!!

Tune In...Turn On...Tune Up...

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