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Transmuting our Pain and Suffering Through Gratitude

Transmuting our Pain and Suffering Through Gratitude

Life has been up and down this past few days, and I have felt the gamut of emotions run through the spectrum from grief, anger to joy and ecstasy. It has been challenging and humbling in one big roll.

After Typhoon Haiyan ran through the Philippines and I discovered how many people were lost, my heart broke. I cried over the loss of my people and the devastation of the land. I had previously felt the restless stirrings of the Earth and could understand why I was feeling so distraught. Then the typhoon hit and I overstood. In my grief, I heard a simple message: It is up to US to hold the vibration high and be grateful for what we have because that is what will help shift the turmoil in this world.

It was then that I was given the assignment to do a gratitude project. I've decided to launch the 18 Day Sensual Gratitude Project through Metaphysical Erotica because this is an opportunity for us to get in touch with our fears, limitations and self-judgements and transform it through gratitude and positivity.

I would like to invite you to take part in this project and perhaps share your gratitudes with the world because it SO BADLY needs it.

Because I am such an action-oriented person, this project launches on Tuesday or Wednesday - depending on when you start -  and culminates on either Nov 30 or Dec 1, depending on when you choose to begin.

In taking part in this project, you will receive some really great gifts as my way of saying Thank You.

I would very much appreciate your help in this. This is my energetic offering, my tithe into the world to help our collective conscience rise up at this time. I allowed myself the time to mourn and my heart still feels heavy for the loss and the upcoming changes in the world. However, I feel determined and empowered to do my part to raise the overall vibrations and I hope you feel the same.

Here's the link to get started. All you have to do is sign up on the email list and it will send you an autoresponder for the 18 Days of Sensual Gratitude.

I so apprecialoveya in every way and am humbly grateful for our connection!

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