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Why is Spiritual Sexuality Necessary?

Why is Spiritual Sexuality Necessary?

Spiritual sexuality can bring spiritual enlightenment...

Do you believe it? Sages have long written about how to transmute sexual energy into manifestative and life-enhancing positive flow. Sexuality and spiritual activity coexist and are absolutely complementary. It is a high form of connection based on one's sacred relationship with The Creator and one another. It's foundation is rooted in respect, honor and integrity.

Today our society takes sex and spirituality as different activities, unfortunately. Moreover, we are socially programmed to perceive things related to sexuality as something that should be hidden, shameful, taboo and even obscene and degrading. Yet, it is perpetuated through our culture because it is commercially successful.

How does society create segregation between spirituality and sexuality?

Through the Puritanical ideologies of conservative behavior, monogamy and self-abhorrence, there is an idea that to be spiritual, one must not act too sexual. In addition, promiscuity is seen as sinful or wrong, and yet this is pervaded through sexual overstimulation through our media.

Although this may seem like an exaggerated description of attitude towards sexuality, the lack of understanding profoundly affects our physical and spiritual health. More people are losing the passion, desire and hopes to live an active and satisfying sex life. Even more abysmal, divorce rates are exceedingly high, psychological issues of depression and sexual dysfunctions increase, and younger people are beginning to experiment without a clue as to who they are and what they are doing.

How does Spiritual Sexuality shift that?

Sacred SexualitySpiritual Sexuality is the idea that through sacred intimacy, we can connect to something bigger than our physical body. We can recognize the Divine in one another. In addition, we can bring a reverence back to the act that made us human in the first place.

Spiritual sexuality acknowledges the worth of an individual and the beauty of their body. It gives energy, not takes it away. It infuses power, no diminishes it. It breathes holiness where there is darkness, trauma and pain. And most of all, it elevates the human spirit to that of the celestial when The Most High is invoked.

Conscious sexuality opens the soul to deliver and receive energetic life force. This strength revitalizes all levels of the energy field and soul emotions, resulting in a more fulfilling and meaningful life. It invites presence in the moment, the body, the spirit and the world. It is how we initiate healing within ourselves and return to the path of wholeness within our hearts and with each other.

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