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Short Story Erotica Writing Contest

January 2014 kicks off with a stellar bang as Metaphysical Erotica launches another innovative promotion:  

The Short Story Erotica Writing Contest

The short story erotica writing contest is for fledgling and experienced authors who would like to write a short story, approximately 10,000 words, within a month and have the opportunity to have their story be published in a short story collection by The ME House in a print and eBook form.

erotica writing contestThis short story erotica writing contest is an opportunity for the romantic and adventurous at heart to share their talents with words and evoke sensations and feelings of love, sensuality, sexual awareness and power.  Sharing this part of our sexual psyche is a gift and allows us to be vulnerable and transparent regarding how we uphold love and intimacy within ourselves and the world.  By expressing our stories, we weave a beautiful fabric of sensuality and increase the vibration of the erotica to a higher level.

We invite you to take part and begin submitting your completed manuscripts as early as January 14, 2014.  The contest completes on midnight on February 28, 2014.  All completed manuscripts can be emailed to  saqqarah at metaphysicalerotica dot com.


 Listed below are the guidelines for the Short Story Erotica Writing Contest:

#1. Date of contest:  January 14  and ends on midnight of February 28, 2014

#2.  The contest is open to all aged 18 or over, regardless of nationality or country of residence.

#3.  Contest requirements:

  • All submissions must be written in English
  • All submissions must bew written in normal sized font (12 point max)
  • All submissions have a maximum limit of 10,000 words or less

#4.  Proofreading, spellcheck and grammatical mistakes must be done prior to submission of completed piece.  We will not edit completed works but will arrange for final proofreading, spellcheck and editing should your story be chosen for publication.

#5.  Absolutely no stories regarding topics such as rape, incest, abuse, children in explicit sexual situations or disempowerment of men or women will be considered for publication.  There are already plenty of works that demean human nature in the commercial erotica today.  Our goal with Metaphysical Erotica is to publish only high-vibrational pieces that can honor sensuality without having to be degrading or dehumanizing.

#6.  Plagiarism of written works will not be considered for publication.  Story lines can have similar themes and patterns, however, we are not looking for reprisals of 50 Shades of Grey.  All submissions must be original works and never printed or published previously online or offline.

#7.  Contact information must be provided with each story containing name, email, phone number and a short written description of what the story is about.

#8.  All stories must be sent via email as a Microsoft Word (“.doc” or “.docx”) or RTF (“.rtf”)

#9.  Short stories can be written under a pen name or author’s real name.

#10.  We will not be providing feedback related to submissions and all authors will be informed at the end of the contest (up to 2 weeks post completion)  whether their work was chosen for publication.


Ten short story submissions will be chosen for publication.  The printed collection will be published by March 2014.

The top 3 winners of this contest will receive these fine gifts:

#1.  1st place winner will receive a featured interview with Metaphysical Erotica along with a feature on the website and our social media sites.  They will also receive a special listing in the printed and eBook collection.

#2.  The 2nd and 3rd place winners will both listed onto the website and a special honorable mention in the printed and eBook collection.

    You may enter the contest with the following form:

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    All submissions must be written in English
    All submissions must bew written in normal sized font (12 point max)
    All submissions have a maximum limit of 10,000 words or less

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