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Short Story Erotica Contest launching soon!

Short Story Erotica Contest launching soon!
January 2014 kicks off with a stellar bang as Metaphysical Erotica launches another innovative promotion:  

The Short Story Erotica Contest

short story erotica The short story erotica contest is for fledgling and experienced authors who would like to write a short story, approximately 10,000 words, within a month and have the opportunity to have their story be published in a short story collection by The ME House in a print and eBook form.

This short story erotica contest is an opportunity for the romantic and adventurous at heart to share their talents with words and evoke sensations and feelings of love, sensuality, sexual awareness and power.  Sharing this part of our sexual psyche is a gift and allows us to be vulnerable and transparent regarding how we uphold love and intimacy within ourselves and the world.  By expressing our stories, we weave a beautiful fabric of sensuality and increase the vibration of the erotica to a higher level.

When I began writing metaphysical erotica in 2013, my whole world flipped on its axis and revolutionized how I thought and related to sexuality, sensuality and self - power.  I began to see the sacredness in all things and glimpsed where the Divine hid when it came to love and intimacy.  My heart and spirit opened and believed with greater passion how true love existed and how souls came back just to find one another.  This opened my heart and my wish is that this happens for you during this writing project.

We will begin receiving submissions on January 14, 2014 and invite you to take part in this exciting contest.  The contest will by finished by  midnight February 14, 2014.  Please read the guidelines for submission to the Short Story Erotica Contest and email completed manuscripts to saqqarah at metaphysicalerotica dot com.


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