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SG Day #18: How do you express your sexual power in the world?

SG Day #18:  How do you express your sexual power in the world?

#18.  How do you express your sexual power in the world?


“Each one of us has the power to make others feel better or worse. Making others feel better is much more fun than making others feel worse. Making others feel better generally makes us feel better.” - Martin Luther King


Your sexual power resides in your second chakra and also with your thoughts, words, experiences and beliefs.  If you understand that your sexual power is manifestative in nature, you can harness that energy to do what you want, fuel your dreams, activate your potential and create the kind of relationships you desire.  Expressing your sexual power in the world is not about dominance, enslavement or manipulation.  It’s about owning the totality of your divine masculinity or femininity and allowing that wholeness to radiate in everything you do.  It’s about being a fully empowered, centered and consciously sentient being.  We invite you to share how you express your sexual power in the world for it may inspire others to step up into their own power as well.  Knowing that you are able to do it, gives others permission to rise in their own sexual power as well.

sexual power

***  Sexual power resides in the awareness of who you are, recognizing your potential, permitting yourself the opportunity to radiate it and having the consciousness to exercise your intuition, discernment, and righteous thoughts and actions.  Radiating sexual power in the world is about alignment to the truth of your being, your body and you needs.  
I express my sexual power in the world through an awareness, first of all, where I hold that power.  For me, there is a triad of energy and information that connects my mind, heart and intuition together.  When I exercise that mindfulness, it radiates through my words, vibrations, my external physique, my emotions and attention to others.  Whether it is the invitation to connect and dance with my eyes, the flirtatious laughter or the touch of our skin, it is the collaboration of our energetic bodies that allows that spark to ignite.
Wielding sexual power takes personal responsibility, caution and preparation.  I feel like I know how to better handle myself as a sensual and erotic being at this age than in my teens, twenties and even thirties.  With age and experience comes patience and follow-through.  With inventiveness and adventure comes open-mindedness and curiosity.  With self-reflection and respect comes compassion and grace.  Sexual power is about living and radiating the full totality of your highest potential realized in human form.

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