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Sensual Gtatitude #13: What turns you on?

Sensual Gtatitude #13:  What turns you on?

#13.  What turns you on?

“You can always create your own experience of life in a beautiful and enjoyable way if you keep your love turned on within you - regardless of what other people say or do.”

- Ken Keyes


Recognizing what turns you on is part of being a sensual and sexual being.  What we find attractive in others is often the catalyst within ourselves to unfurl and open.  When we open to our own innate feelings and desires, we can face our limitations and beliefs about sexuality and heal or embrace it.  In recognizing what turns us on, we can find the match that lights that fire within us.  We invite you to share what turns you on and embrace your totality as a being of emotions, thoughts and experiences.  For when you recognize what it is that makes you come alive, it gives permission for others to do the same.

turns you on***  What turns me on is a man who knows what he wants and takes action.  I find it so damn erotic when a man can express how he really feels about a woman and is not afraid to show her.  Men who know how to take charge in their lives and live with passion and integrity are sexy and even more so when it is balanced with spirituality, metaphysics and logic. 

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