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Sensual Gratitude Day #7: What is your favorite way to relax?

Sensual Gratitude Day #7: What is your favorite way to relax?
“We are put on this earth to have a good time. This makes other people feel good. And the cycle continues.”
Wolfman Jack

#7.  What is your favorite past time or favorite way to relax?


Part of living in this busy world and keeping sane is finding the balance of work and play.  This allows us to get in touch with the part of our psyche and body that needs time to rejuvenate, revitalize and return to its center.  From reading, dancing, sports to movies, meditation and mantras, we have a huge spectrum at our disposal on how we chill out.  We invite you to share your favorite past time or way to relax to lift the frenetic vibrations of the world.  It is in slowing down that we gain the greatest insights of how we are moving in Creation.  It is also in finding multiple ways to bring out body to center that we are able to relax into our natural state of being - receptiveness to the world we reside in.

*** My favorite way to relax is to go for a walk in nature.  In the serene quietness of the woods, I return to my Center and stop talking and thinking too much.  I listen.  I listen to the wind as it rustles through the trees, the animals moving around unseen and my feet crunching on the soft earth.  I feel the rumble of the Earth and touch the giant rocks that guard the entrance into the forests.  As I still my thoughts and absorb the natural world around, I realize how simple life can be and how abundantly blessed we are.  It is often in these times of quiet solitude that I remember my place in the world and that everything is in a state of equilibrium and connectedness.  

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