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Sensual Gratitude Day #17: What is your idea of the “perfect partner?

Sensual Gratitude Day #17:  What is your idea of the “perfect partner?

#17.  What is your idea of the “perfect partner”?

“Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.” - Plato


As sensual beings, we sometimes desire partners that open the world to more possibilities than our own mind can conceive.  We long for someone who can make us feel special, loved, respected, seen and attractive.  We long for partnerships that are equal, satisfying, safe and supportive.  Our idea of our “perfect partner” may not be clear, thus allowing that “same guy or girl” to keep walking back into our lives.  That is the magic of patterns.  We repeat it until we get it and alter our behavior.   Even the idea of "perfection" seems unattainable but that is where we are wrong.  We are already "perfect" even in our imperfections.  SO it only makes sense that in the small planet that we live on, there is someone who is that "perfect partner" for you.

We invite you to share your idea of the “perfect lover or partner” because this makes what you desire REAL in the world and opens the possibility of them appearing.  In sharing your post with others, this could elicit the spark of recognition that invites one to examine whether what they have is a match of the heart or of convenience.  We should not "settle" but many do in relationships, thinking "this is the best I can have."  As my business coach asked, "Why do we focus so much on planning our vacations, but don't add that attention to our relationships or planning the rest of our lives?"

Good Question.  So consider this question a game of Life.  You've been given your empty car and numerous holes to fill.  You are currently in the driver's seat and need a co-pilot.  What kind of person would you envision yourself sharing your life with?  Could you see yourself with this person in 5 years?  10 years?  25 or more years?  The idea of the perfect partner does not have to remain some kind of illusory fantasy.  It is the invitation to bring your reality into existence!

perfect partner

*** My idea of the "perfect lover or partner" is someone who mindfully aware of their path, spiritual, globally conscious, open-hearted, light-hearted, self-responsposible, morally just, loyal, self-sufficient, successful in what they do, able to laugh at themselves, takes care of themselves, adventurous,  spontaneous, sexy, sensual, playful and erotic.  Most important element of that attraction, however, is chemistry, dynamics and ability to receive one another.  Long list isn't it?  Well, I'm very specific because knowing what you want - in a general round-about term - eases the doubt about whether or not it's a fit.

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