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Sacred erotica to empower, uplift and transform your life

The Root: Discovering Power

At last, the long-anticipated release of the print edition of the #1 Best Seller "The Root: Discovering Power" by Saqqarah has finally arrived!  This compelling metaphysical erotic story uncovers the secret psychic organizations of The Corona and The Tribe of Light.  Join Harmony Mendelson as she is initiated into the world of sacred sex and psychic activations.  This transformative experience will not only unlock your root chakra, it will unravel your holographic universe and open your body, mind and spirit to pleasure, potential and power.

The Root: Discovering Power

Harmony Mendelson has been shrouded in secrecy since birth, hiding a special gift that makes her the target of two of the most powerful forces of good and evil: The Tribe of Light and The Coronna.  Pursued by the Tribe’s best tracker, Tristan Alexander, and The Corona’s powerful elite, Eduardo Torres, she must face her own demons and journey into discovering her power.

As she is initiated into the world of sacred sex, she must face her root chakra dysfunctions and find the key that will unlock her greatest abilities.  However, unlocking that knowledge through sacred erotica and psychic activations could either drive her into salvation or into the seductiveness of the dark side.

As the pressure mounts, she must choose quickly before The Corona unleashes their ultimate weapon of control...her.

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