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Returning to Center

6047759_sWhy do we get pulled off course?

What makes us change and doubt what we want?

Why do we not give ourselves the credit of living in our full potential?


These questions plagued me these past two weeks and perhaps explains why I haven't blogged for a while.  I recently revisited a low back injury that laid me up in bed for a week and kept me still and quiet: two things that I find extremely difficult to do.

In that humble time of slowing down, I realized that Great Spirit did that for a few reasons.

  • I needed to reassess and recenter myself to who I am and what I am doing in this beautiful world of Creation.
  • I needed to remember and honor this vehicle, known as my body, and to take care of it.  That meant no coffee, no acidic foods, or late nights working.
  • I needed to value my time and listen to the urgings of Spirit to spend that quality time with my family and friends.
  • I needed to remember there is no rush.  The rush exists in our mind, running a race against ourselves and our mortality.  We often push so hard to try and achieve things, only to find ourselves asking why we expended so much energy and neglected other supportive aspects of our lives.
  • I needed to listen to what the overall collective is experiencing at this time.  During this particular Mercury in Retrograde, I discovered there were a few ripples in the world.  Our Earth is dying and she needs our prayers.  Our world is crumbling and it needs everyone to wake up and support our evolution to survive.  Our humanity feels the general unease and restlessness that is driving them to question who they are, the establishment and their purpose.
  • Most of all, I needed to remember that this journey through Creation is short. This is our time to make an imprint of who we are, learn the lessons and recalibrate to the changes in our world.

So where does that lead us?






I created the Sensual Gratitude Experiment as a way to share what it is I am grateful for, love, am aware of, what I accept and where humility lies in stepping up as stewards of the Earth, our bodies and our humanity.  I realize that this "experiment" may seem like a silly thing as it may not relate to erotica.

But that is where we are wrong.

Sensuality is about feeling the pleasures of our body, mind, spirit and emotions.  It is about being connected within ourselves, with each other and our world.  When we are truly in touch with who we are and why we are here, we can find those delights in others, our work and our dreams.  It is what makes us inherently human.

So please join me in celebrating and sharing your gratitudes.  This is the month in which we give thanks! As we give thanks, we lift our vibrations and livity so that we can become better humans, inspire to be more Divine and walk in the path of love.  In loving, we create the power to shift the stigmas and paradigms that prevent us from being whole, powerful and consciously aware.

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