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The Power of a Love Grid

The Power of a Love Grid

Two of my favorite things in the world are cystals and sacred geometry.  I inherently understand that cystals are sacred and represent an intimate connection with Mother Earth. Their internal grid system is also perfect and aligned to the forces of nature. But what happens when you intentionally create grids with certain crystals?

You create a powerful force field that radiates a vibration attuned to your thoughts, words, actions and intentions. You tweak the third-dimension to open portals of connection between the spirit and crystalline realm. You activate your body, your energy field, and your environment to your life. You align yourself to your destiny and path. And most of all, you seek higher consciousness in an attempt to understand who you are and your place in this world.

Why would you use crystal grids to boost your love life?

1. Crystal grids help strengthen your magnetism and charm, drawing what you want or who you want to you.
2. Crystals connect you to the energy of the Earth and also the organ or function of your body that it aligns with.
3. Crystals create a protective field around you and your partner, opening the ability to express yourself in freedom and in love.

What kinds of crystal do your use?


Rose Quartz, Garnet and Rhodochrosite Grid

1. When you use or create a rose quartz crystal grid, you invoke the energy of love and tenderness, therefore, opening your heart and spirit to a sweeter, more tender vibration.

2. When you use or create a carnelian crystal grid, you bring about a strong connection to your second chakra, heightening your sexual pleasure and freedom to play.

3. When you use or create an amethyst crystal grid, you open your intuitive, higher self - your third eye - to connecting on a vibration of trust and the angelic realm.

What kind of grids do you make?

1.  A circular grid represents a whole, journey type of experience.  You can utilize what ever stones you would like and create a spiral pattern towards the center, representing your internal labyrinth towards your inner state.

2.  A pyramid (tetrahedron) grid represents a transmitter vibration and what you place inside this grid will be sent and magnified towards source.  When you create a star tetrahedron (Star of David), you create a balancing polarity between the masculine (the pyramid pointing up) and the feminine (the pyramid pointing down).

3.  A square grid represents what you are trying to contain within the four directions.  This can be a beneficial and positive grid although it can have a "ceiling" on how it expresses itself into the world.

How do you activate your grid?

1.  First, cleanse and clear the crystals, preparing them to be energetic transmitters of thought, intent and power.

2. Arrange the crystals in a grid and make sure you have a center crystal from which to connect all the points together.

3.  Connect one crystal to the center and from there go back out, making sure to always connect each crystal to the center.

4.  Use a single tourmalinated quartz (single point) and draw a counter-clockwise patterns above the grid.  Activate the grid with these sacred words:  "I invoked the Light of The Christ within.  I'm a clear and perfect channel, the Light is my guide."  This can be said 3 times while spinning your crystal at least 3 times counterclockwise.

Now that you've got some tools, we invite you to play. Create a grid and invoke the higher energies of the Earth, The Most High and your Masters, Teachers, Loved Ones and Guides to activate and energize your field.

Please stay tuned, we will be doing a tele-seminar on the power of crystal grids and which stones to use to create a certain field of desire. Good luck and have fun!

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