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Sacred erotica to empower, uplift and transform your life

How passionate is your ink?

How passionate is your ink?

How passionate is your ink?  I ask you without batting an eyelash, wondering what secrets velvet underground of treasures you hold in that beautiful mind of yours.

That's right.  I invite you to share it.  Write those words.  Bleed your images.  Draw out your hearts.  Give power to your ink.  And join in the fun!  The Short Story Erotica Contest starts 4 days away on January 14, 2014 and goes til February 14, 2014 and opens the door for you to let the hidden writer (or public author) to take part in this delicious experiment in ink.

Why do I call it an experiment in ink?

inkIsn't LIFE an experiment altogether?  Aren't our words, thoughts, dreams and longings inspiration for books, movies and stories of love affairs.  These stories could be the making of legends.  Care to challenge me?

The short story erotica contest invites you to roll up your sleeves and get your notes out.  It's time to put on your thinking cap, your best writing glasses, your sexiest negligee or boxer briefs, some soft, sultry mood music and maybe a glass of wine and GO FOR IT!!

Don't be bold!

Don't be adventurous!

Don't hide behind your fearlessly.

The short story erotica contest is more than just a contest.  It's an initiation to connect to your inner goddess/god and get in touch with your true erotic nature.  This is an opportunity to push past the limitations of conservative, uptight standards of sexual expression in this country which disempower women, praises superficial beauty and scorns differences.  Yet, the time has come for this awakening in consciousness to bleed into every aspect of our culture - from the psyche to the expression of its people.  I invite your hearts and minds, dig deep into your cellular memory and dip your ink into the well of creative freedom.  Unlock your codes of sexual power and share the story of love, sexuality and sensuality.

Feel it!

Express it!

Love it!

Ink it!

Do it!



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