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Sacred erotica to empower, uplift and transform your life

Modern Erotic Woman

The modern erotic woman is a force to be reckoned with.  Strong, passionate, intelligent, in touch with her feelings and needs - this woman realizes a phenomena occuring in the world today.  The time has come for women to step up and claim their power, position and presence.  No other time in our civilization have women been rising and recognizing their contribution to arts, science, business, politics and relationships.  As women begin fearlessly living their paths and purpose, the world responds by creating opportunities for growth, evolution and expansion of consciousness.

Are you a Modern Erotic Woman?

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What Makes a Modern Erotic Woman...


5095802_sThe new modern erotic woman is in touch with her body, thoughts, emotions and needs.  She is a passionate creature, expressing her Divine right to feel joy, happiness, bliss, anger, pain, and ALL spectrums of the human emotion scale.  She is a woman who recognizes her sexual power, claiming her archetypes of The Queen, The Courtesan, The Whore, The Virgin, The Mother, The Lover and The Creatrix at her disposal.  She is a woman who realizes that she has choices, opportunities and abilities that make her a vital part of the human family.  She is worthy, respectable, knowledgeable and beautiful.  She is YOU.


Why Erotica?


One hidden and negatively viewed aspect of our world is erotica.  I'm not talking about pornography or blatant objectification of women, but the sensual and graphic works that focus on women's sensual pleasure.  It is deemed "dirty or smutty," even demeaning women who read these kinds of erotica novels.  Good girls don't read that stuff.  That's what you think.


Erotica exposes the truth about how partners feel and behave in their most sacred, intimate act.  It uncovers the psychology and dynamics of men and women in their most sensual, erotic relationship.  It is real and it is not wrong.  By societal standards though, it is too much. 18629128_s


Because erotica focuses on women's pleasure and the rawness of how they feel.  Most modern erotica is written for women, by women, because we know what women TRULY want and that is to be seen, validated, wanted and loved for the beautiful beings that we are.  Metaphysical erotica is different in the sense that we bring the sacredness of Divine union, mixed with metaphysics and energy principles to create a transformative leap in consciousness within the bodies and energy fields of women and men.


Part of our collective evolutionary leap in consciousness is related to our core issues with sex and one another.  In examining and healing past experiences, traumas and social stigmas of sexuality and gender roles, the modern erotic woman faces her greatest nemesis: herself.


Congratulations!  You are indeed a vibrant, poweful and beautiful expression of The Divine.  And we would LOVE  to hear from you about your journey into your modern erotic power.  Our community of contributors encompass holistic practitioners, visionaries, authors, artists and more.  Modern Erotic Women and Men write articles, create videos and share meditations and tools to help in the upliftment of our consciousness and the rising of the Divine Feminine and Masculine.  Pretty juicy, right?

 Modern Erotic Woman Categories


If you'd like to submit an article into our Metaphysical Erotica community, please contact us at  Listed below are the categories that our talented and superbly delicious modern erotic women have contributed.  We hope you enjoy!!


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