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Modern Erotic Man

It's 2018
and guess what?  The modern erotic man has arrived.  He is an evolved, in-touch, aware and conscientious being that women have longed to connect to.  He is strong, passionate, intelligent, and knows what he wants.  He has grown up from being a boy to a man - taking care of his responsibilities and honoring his word and code in the world.  He is sensual, sexual and honors the rising of the feminine in the world.  Most of all, he lives fearlessly in alignment with his path and purpose.  And if he hasn't found it better believe that he is searching for it like it's the Lost City of Gold.

Are you a Modern Erotic Man?

Please take this 12 question self-quiz to answer whether you are a modern erotic man.


What Makes a Modern Erotic Man...

15683421_sThe modern erotic man understands a few things. He understands that pleasure and trust are intimately connected and only occurs when safety and security have been established within.  He makes a conscious effort to listen and learn other's perspectives.  He communicates his thoughts, feelings and desires clearly and easily.  He gives himself credit for his experiences, is aware of his limitations,  and recognizes where he can learn more from others.  Most of all, he has let go of the need to hold his power over others - specifically women - in order to feel like he is in control.  He is at ease with himself.


The journey of the modern erotic man has been discolored by homophobia, perceived gender roles and displacement in the world.  As women have joined the workforce in droves and have become the heads of household, men all over are trying to find their footing and their place.  They are fighting amongst themselves and within to hold on to their identity and they are coming up short.

Why?  It is indeed a time for men to come into their own evolution.  It is time for men to reclaim a new kind of power - the power to support, uphold and express their thoughts, feelings and dreams.  Most of all, it's a time for men to return to a place of balance within themselves, their relationships and their world.  The old paradigms that dictate how a man is suppose to behave in the world, how he is suppose to treat women and how he measures up to other men is crumbling.  The modern erotic man is self-sufficient, attuned to his partner's needs, and able to mobilize his resources to build his dreams and visions.

Why Erotica?

Erotica is generally perceived as the female literary pornography, and men are relegated into stereotypes of power, self-absorption, manipulation and control.  Erotic male figures tend to be wounded, have dark secrets or have dirty fantasies and fetishes.  It is in the bending of women's will that men exert their sexual prowess.  Aren't you glad your life isn't fiction?18418927_s

The modern erotic man understand his sexual nature and his needs.  He realizes that the path to opening his lover's body and heart is not through brutality, violence or domination.  It is about establishing trust, security and the sacred connection of recognizing one another's Divine right to pleasure.

And why erotica?  Because there are women who fantasize about being that vulnerable, open and raw with their partners.  They are willing to bare their body and soul to be pushed to the heights of pleasure and discover their own capacity for bliss.  The question is....Do you know how to get them there?

Erotica exposes the truth about how some lovers feel and behave in their most sacred, intimate act.  It unveils the psychology and dynamics of what women TRULY want and that is to be seen, validated, wanted and loved for the beautiful beings that they are.


Why Erotica for Men?

While most men may have Playboy, Penthouse or pornography, women have erotica.  Think about get the visuals and women get the mental and emotional. Which is a deeper connection? 


At Metaphysical Erotica, we honor and recognize the Modern Erotic Man.  We find that a man who is aware of his own dysfunctions, faces them and becomes sexually empowered is HOT!  In addition, women value that deeper connections with their partner as they face their core issues of sex and intimacy.  It is why people come together.  They must learn new patterns of behavior and reaction in order to bring the sacredness back to the bedroom.

At Metaphsyical Erotica, we'd like to create a community that expresses both the internal and external viewpoints of men and women.  We feel that it is as important to honor the sacred and divine masculine as it is the feminine.  In addition, we want to read and hear about how men really feel and think about sacred sex, partnership and the erotic female.  If you'd like to contribute an article, blog post, video or share your thoughts, please contact us at

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