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Sacred erotica to empower, uplift and transform your life

What is Metaphysical Erotica?

What is Metaphysical Erotica?

If you are a warm-blooded and consciously aware human being, you may be realizing something uniquely powerful about your nature: YOU are erotic.

As taboo as erotica is in the world, it serves to separate us from who we really are: sensual, co-creative, emotion-based beings of light. For centuries, sex has been an integral part of humanity's drive for evolution and identification. Yet it has riddled our lives with dysfunction, issues of worth, perspectives of love and disconnection to our ability to feel pleasure.

That is why Metaphysical Erotica was created. And let me share with you something...this form of erotica is not for your average Jack or Jill. It is not for someone who has ZERO clue or idea about metaphysics, energy, Esoteric or The Divine. It is not for someone who blushes easily at the graphic description of the human body and its potential as an energetic conduit of light. Most of all, it's not for the faint-hearted.

Metaphysical Erotica was created for:

  • Bodyworkers, Lightworkers, Energyworkers, Healers, Mystics, and Holistc Practitioners of the world who understand this genre of thought creates intent
  • Beings of consciousness and light who work with sacred geometry, the holographic Universe, and quantum physics who understand that we impact our world by what we read, what kinds of sacred tools we use, and how we feel inside our systems
  • Spiritualists who know the power of sacred sex for initiation, downloads, and connection to Source
  • People who are curious about how to activate their bodies and receive more than just a physical experience in reading erotica.

Metaphysical Erotica is intended to awaken and activate your body's power centers, energy field and connection to your higher self. It is a process of collectively facing your sexual issues and receiving the energetic processes to move forward and evolve. Most of all, it is a sacred experience of supporting the rise of the Divine Feminine during this time of transition.

So please join us on this spectacular day to celebrate the launch of our first Metaphysical Erotica novel: The Root: Discovering Power.

Click here to buy The Root: Discovering Power for only 0.99 cents

It is available on Amazon for 0.99 cents all day - Sunday, October 6, 2013. Please come and support your Earth family and our evolution into the Light!

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