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Sacred erotica to empower, uplift and transform your life

Meditations & Tools

Part of opening your sexual centers is allowing the movement of sensuality, power and freedom to course through your body and energy field. Metaphysical erotica is more than just steamy sex scenes and happy endings. It's about accessing your inner warrior and facing those hidden secrets inside of yourself that block your ability to feel your body, surrender into the sensations of lovemaking and catalyze the power of orgasmic energy.

Our meditations and tools are created to help you connect even deeper into your body, psyche and energy. In accessing these, you unify the body, mind and spirit to evolve into higher levels of self work, self worth and pleasure. For when you embrace the elements of your being-ness and realize that you are a creative and sexual creature, you can direct that intention and awareness into parts of your life that need healing.

5851685_sOur emotional and mental state of mind are developed at young ages and we carry dysfunction in our cellular memory, projecting through our world in thoughts, words, actions and relationships. In addressing our brokenness, wounds, patterns and issues, we begin to heal, opening ourselves to one other so that we can see the radiant beauty that we truly are.

Enjoy our free sample of videos, meditations and tools. We also have a wide array of options to assist you in delving deeper into your sexual nature. In turning on, we tune up, rise up and fill up with the abundant and sensual nature of The Universe.



Meditation for Centering & Transformation