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Sacred erotica to empower, uplift and transform your life

Lovers: An Erotic Collection of Short Stories and Prose

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Lovers: An Erotic Collection of Short Stories and Prose

This erotic collection of short stories and prose features amateur and experienced writers venturing into the realm of erotica.

Sensual, alluring, and imaginative, these stories invite you to surrender your pre-conceived notions of what is erotic and open to the power of the mind, body and senses.

From feminine empowerment, healing after divorce, domination/submission, paranormal to beautiful love affairs, these stories and prose touch on the wide spectrum of feelings, emotions and sensations. They convey the essence of the heart's ability to feel and receive. In doing so, we radiate the power of the sacred feminine at this time.

Featured authors from this collection:

Akelah Atumeril:

“I write erotica from my personal experience with life. The most intimate luscious experience of juicy bliss to me is self passion and compassionate love.”

Toni Barca:

“I believe that sexual chemistry is launched by soul connections and hence past life recollections. That is what explains those powerful links that launch hunger, passion, and perhaps love.”

Bolyne Byron:

“My sexual awakening has had a domino effect upon all other areas of my life. My expanding capacity for pleasure has in turn influence by ability to create, write, live and love.”

Megan Hussey:

“I wanted to help close the gap between erotica and romance, and to offer women something different -something empowering.”


“What I’ve discovered is that as I’ve grown in consciousness, ideas, and sense of self, I am able to stand firmly in my truth and be unapologetic for how I feel, think, and behave in the world.”

RevShar Schwengler: 

“Earthen existence is a sensory smorgasbord! If you can go silent, nature will arouse you in ways you never could have dreamed. So natural symbolism is everywhere in my work.”


“Everything is far more sensual and lush than it was before. My relationships are far more raw and honest, but with a softer compassionate feel. I surrender more often and spend less time arguing.”

Donna Starnes:

“I was taught that I have a much larger capacity for pleasure than I previously had experienced.”

Videos and Trailers

 Lovers Book Trailer #1


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