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Lovers: An Erotic Collection Author Preview – Akelah Atumeril

Lovers: An Erotic Collection Author Preview – Akelah Atumeril

Akelah Atumeril

#1. What inspired you to write erotica?  What were your influences?

I write erotica from my personal experience with life. The most intimate luscious experience of juicy bliss to me is self passionate and compassionate love. To feel passionate about the self and life has been my ultimate freedom, self realization, and home. It is a safe haven. Poetry pours forth from my heart to express the exquisite internal love that ever expands into the world. I wish for all to feel this good, so I write songs, poems, and stories.

#2.  What do you find sensual in the world and how does this translate in your writing style?

Life, itself, is one huge sensual, sexual experience, spiraling in every direction to create this world. The way light penetrates darkness is Orgasmic as well as the way darkness absorbs the light. It's a beautiful erotic dance, each giving thanks for the existence of the other. The ways in which creation is formed: through vibrations and pulsating rhythms, the way we breathe in and out, along with our beating throbbing heart. Life, in its fullness, is making passionate self love in always.

#3.  Regarding sexuality, what do you find most intriguing about what brings two people together?

The way that emotional energy can be physically felt, and the way an unspoken connection and communication can actually be strong enough to bring one to tears. The magnetism intrigues me the most. It has brought me to my knees; as well as lifted me up and shifted me, traveling into different dimensions.

#4.  What is one thing that your lovers in the past have taught you about yourself, your body and your capacity for pleasure?

Thirteen years ago, after I gave birth, my dear lover and friend faced my body toward a mirror as he made love to me and told me to look at how beautiful I was.  My stretched stomach, my breasts filled with milk, and everything. He taught me how men can really see and love the sexiness of motherhood which, in turn, reflected my growing awareness of the beauty in all of myself. This increased my pleasure immensely.

The Sun is my greatest lover and taught me through its rays of light that I can be penetrated all over - in every pore of my body - and that Pure Orgasm is who I Am.
 #5.  How has your own sexual awakening impacted your life, your work and your relationships?

My sexual awakening has become my whole life. It's in how I breathe, move, eat, pray, and live. It's very normal for people around me to hear me moaning in pleasure just because it's a good day. The Eternal Orgasmic dimension of reality pulsates through my being all the time.  There is a strong sexual urge that guides me in my life on what steps to take in any given situation. I have learned how to embrace and make love with every emotion so that no matter what's going on in my life, I know that I am climbing the climactic peak of another Orgasm. Orgasmic waves flush through me and turn into laughter, tears, dance, sweat, and sound when I need to release energy. Divine Sexual energy is my spiritual guide. It is The Creator of all to me.  It is Love.

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