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Sacred erotica to empower, uplift and transform your life

Greek Mythrotica – Vol 1:3 – “Legends of Royalty”

Legend of Royalty

Enter the gates of Mt. Olympus and discover the magic of the ancient immortals as they come alive in their sensual relationships and rekindle the romances that have made them famous. The Legends of Royalty features nine Greek couples: Aphrodite & Haphaestus, Aphrodite & Adonis, Aphrodite & Ares, Athena & Justin, Hera & Zeus, Hera & Adonis, Apollo & Daphne, Psyche & Eros, and Persephone & Hades. A bonus story features Medusa and Poseidon.

Enrich your mind with these mythic erotica stories of these ancient lovers and allow your body to experience their great loves, longing and desires.

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