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Sacred erotica to empower, uplift and transform your life

Transform for Your Life with 18 Days of Sensual Gratitude

The 18 Day Sensual Gratitude Project is your gift to yourself.  Can you do it?

Our gratitudes hold so much energy and we have the capacity to transform pain, negativity, conflict and past experiences by bringing our focus into the NOW.  The present moment is ALL that really matters as the past is gone and the future is only a promise away.

 That is why we invite you to take part in the Sensual Gratitude Project.  Because we are metaphysically and energetically inclined, each day you will receive either a sacred geometrical symbol or mandala to represent the question.  Our intention is to energize and activate these symbols so that you can be filled with gratitude, love, healing and abundance.

 And because this time is sacred and important, we want to extend this energetic offering out into the world so that we can impact and imprint our positive vibrations to help uplift the state of our current collective conscience.  Our Earth, her people, and ourselves are experiencing great shifts and turmoil.  It is up to us to give thanks for what we have RIGHT NOW and spread that message because we are stewards of our bodies, our minds, our destiny and our planet.

 I invite us to band together and take part in this beautiful experiment because we are able, conscious, heart-centered and evolved.

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 As our way of saying THANK YOU for taking part in this Sensual Gratitude Experiment, we would like to offer you some gifts.

If you can hang tight for ALL 18 days and post your gratitudes daily, then you will be the lucky recipient of these super fine gifts:

  1. A free report called:  The 9 Keys to Sacred Power - How to use your Sensuality, Sexuality and Self-Power to Increase Your Business, Heal Your Relationships and Increase Your Self-Worth
  2. A free PDF copies of Greek and Norse Mythroticas
  3. 2 free meditations:
    1. Activating Your 12-Strand DNA for prosperity, abundance and well-being
    2. Increasing Your Sexual Power and Ability to Manifest


We thank you in advance for taking part in this beautiful experiment.  As we read about the destruction and devastation plaguing our planet, we have the ability to transform it with our healing vibrations.  Let us take this sacred time to give thanks and spread our messages and increase the good in our world.


Many Blessings and Thanks!