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Sacred erotica to empower, uplift and transform your life

Demystifying the taboo nature of erotica

Demystifying the taboo nature of erotica

Why is erotica considered taboo?

Multidimensional in nature, this question poses to the heart of why we find this topic even alluring in the first place. Erotica is considered taboo because it

  • is deemed as dark, naughty, overtly sexual
  • is too graphic in describing sexual acts from deviant to standard
  • exposes underground worlds of BDSM, seedy practices, and base instinctual practices
  • corrupts the "good girl" with lewd, lascivious invitations to their "bad girl" nature
  • does not encourage "proper" behavior according to society's standards
  • is considered scandalous to read
  • focuses too much on the woman's pleasure
  • glorifies men and women's drive as sexual beings

There are many possible answers but we find that the heart of why it is taboo lies in human beings ability to control themselves, respond to their urges and act responsibly.  Granted there is a WIDE spectrum regarding the pleasure principle from the sick and depraved all the way to the euphoric and holy.  Somewhere in this mix, erotica got thrown in a negative light.  It is as if talking about it - SEX - is not wholesome in nature.

But guess what? Everybody does it!  And the media - from music, television, films and books - exposes all its varying shades.

How do we demystify the taboo nature of erotica?

  1. Recognize that the body is a sacred vehicle of the Divine and that interactions with one another can be a positive, life-enhancing experience or negative, life-depleting interaction
  2. Educate one another - especially the youth - about the sacredness of the body, mind and spirit.  We are all vessels to transmit something higher than base urges.
  3. Recognize that sex is inherently a part of life.  Without it - we would not be here not would our species propagate.
  4. Honor that pleasure is part of being human and that the spectrum of how we surrender to it determines the outcome.
  5. Decide that reading erotica does not make you smutty, naughty, less or dirty.  You enjoy the romance, the plots, the psychological conflicts, and enjoy the graphic description of what happens during sex. Especially mind-blowing GOOD SEX.
  6. Don't empower the people who make it taboo.  They are operating from a paradigm of conservative control and power, choosing not to indulge women as erotic, sensual beings.
  7. Connect to that part of your body that is erotic - which is every part. Recognize your pleasure principle.
  8. Define erotica.  We define erotica as an experience that honors the sensually real feelings and responses of the human body in its most sacred act.  We define erotica - especially metaphysical erotica - as a transformative experience into the body and its energy field.
  9. Realize that you give yourself permission to feel pleasure, and this is a compass to your emotional guidance scale.  If it feels good - do it.  If it feels bad - run away.  However, there is a fine line between pain and pleasure so clarity and integrity of self-needs are important for self-awareness.
  10. Post Puritanical ideologies do not match an overtly sexual culture that seeks to shame those that flaunt their feminine or masculine empowerment.  We invite you to find the fine line between your body's desires and needs and sense of self and will.


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