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Sacred erotica to empower, uplift and transform your life

What is Dusk!

Posted by on Jul 4, 2014 in Featured | 0 comments

We at Metaphysical Erotica are proud to Support Dusk!TV, a new adult channel that offers beautiful and tasteful erotic films by and for women.  Dusk! shares our mission of pleasing and empowering women, with its programming determined by an all-female review panel.  Come learn all about the porna revolution at:   “Dusk! broadcasts the best porna on TV for women and couples. Porna is porn chosen by women on scenes that the Dusk! panel considers the most exciting, hot and sexy are what we call porna. You decide what porna...

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What is Metaphysical Erotica?

Posted by on Oct 6, 2013 in Events, Featured | 0 comments

If you are a warm-blooded and consciously aware human being, you may be realizing something uniquely powerful about your nature: YOU are erotic. As taboo as erotica is in the world, it serves to separate us from who we really are: sensual, co-creative, emotion-based beings of light. For centuries, sex has been an integral part of humanity's drive for evolution and identification. Yet it has riddled our lives with dysfunction, issues of worth, perspectives of love and disconnection to our ability to feel pleasure. That is why Metaphysical Erotica was created. And let me share with you something...this form of erotica is not for your average Jack or Jill. It is not for someone who has ZERO clue or idea about metaphysics, energy, Esoteric or The Divine. It is not for someone who blushes easily at the graphic description...

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What Turns You On?

Posted by on Sep 24, 2013 in Featured, Public | 0 comments

Is it the mind? The body? The package? We offer you more... Sex is sacred. It is beautiful, powerful and can be one of the most healing forces in the world. Combined with intention, awareness and freedom - it can create magic in the body. It can transform the spirit and uplift the soul. To surrender is to trust fully and feel safe. What is your comfort zone? Most people don't want to answer that. At least - not publicly. The hangups most people have about sex - having experienced or witnessed it - can range from being very heavy to completely out of control. This can bring the human spirit down. That is why we created something beautifully different. Metaphysical Erotica looks at sex as a sacred dance that can be used to create power, enhance abilities, heal...

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