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Slumber Party – Metaphysical Erotica Style

Posted by on Jul 10, 2014 in Interviews | 0 comments

What does a slumber party "metaphysical erotica style?" mean to you? Well, first of all, get your mind out of the gutter.  I realize that I'm implying quite a bit in that statement, however, we believe that metaphysical erotica is more than just the physical and sex.  It's a conscious evolution in sacred sex as a multi-dimensional vehicle for expression, initiation and self - realization. It all started one Sunday night, post July 4th extravaganza, when I found myself on the phone with six other women who all had three major things in common: They were all authors of the new book release, Lovers: An Erotic Collection of Short Stories and Prose. They were all powerfully conscious and sexually empowered women They all loved to talk about...SEX Sounds like the perfect recipe for some kind of kinky low-budget porn...

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Lovers: An Erotic Collection Author Preview – Akelah Atumeril

Posted by on Jul 7, 2014 in Book Launch | 0 comments

Akelah Atumeril #1. What inspired you to write erotica?  What were your influences? I write erotica from my personal experience with life. The most intimate luscious experience of juicy bliss to me is self passionate and compassionate love. To feel passionate about the self and life has been my ultimate freedom, self realization, and home. It is a safe haven. Poetry pours forth from my heart to express the exquisite internal love that ever expands into the world. I wish for all to feel this good, so I write songs, poems, and stories. #2.  What do you find sensual in the world and how does this translate in your writing style? Life, itself, is one huge sensual, sexual experience, spiraling in every direction to create this world. The way light penetrates darkness is Orgasmic as well as the way darkness absorbs...

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Unveiling the Authors of Lovers: An Erotic Collection

Posted by on Jul 5, 2014 in Book Launch | 0 comments

Sometimes the Universe aligns so nicely and sends people to bless up your life in a way that you could never have imagined.  That's how I feel about the authors of Lovers: An Erotic Collection of Short Stories and Prose. These beautiful, powerful, forward-thinking women exhibit a spectrum of femininity and purpose.  It shows through their writing, their thoughts and actions in the world.  This collection is more than just smutty stories and poems thrown together.  No...they are a Divine orchestration of allowing, receiving, witnessing and acting.  We are so pleased and ecstatic to share this third video with you.  Each video gets us closer to our steamy launch on July 6, 2014! Authors of Lovers: An Erotic Collection of Short Stories and Prose Akelah Atumeril Toni Barca Bolyne Byron Megan Hussey RevShar Schwengler Saqqarah Sense-Ual Donna Starnes...

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Listen to Saqqarah and Megan Hussey on

Posted by on Jul 4, 2014 in Interviews | 0 comments

What is erotic? What is sensual? What is sacred sexual power? Join us, Tuesday, July 1, as we dive deep into the heart of these questions and discuss the rise of the Divine Feminine with the creators and writers of Metaphysical Erotica. We will be showcasing their latest book release, Lovers: An Erotic Collection of Short Stories and Prose, and sharing snippets of this masterfully juicy work. Join Saqqarah and Megan Hussey as they share the air waves with RevShar Schwengler, also one of the authors from the upcoming book, Lovers....

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Lovers Video #2 – It’s Getting Steamy In Here!

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Greetings Friends! We are quickly approaching our launch date for Lovers: An Erotic Collection of Short Stories and Prose.  It feels so exciting to bring this beautiful collection to the world.  We are also excited to unveil the different authors of this book. Here's a juicy tid-bit of what you can expect in the upcoming book.  Check out our Lovers Video #2 on...

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Lovers: An Erotic Collection of Short Stories and Prose

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“He kissed my curves, my skin, and my angles with equal adoration. ” – The Restaurant by Bolyne Byron

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How passionate is your ink?

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How passionate is your ink?  I ask you without batting an eyelash, wondering what secrets velvet underground of treasures you hold in that beautiful mind of yours. That's right.  I invite you to share it.  Write those words.  Bleed your images.  Draw out your hearts.  Give power to your ink.  And join in the fun!  The Short Story Erotica Contest starts 4 days away on January 14, 2014 and goes til February 14, 2014 and opens the door for you to let the hidden writer (or public author) to take part in this delicious experiment in ink. Why do I call it an experiment in ink? Isn't LIFE an experiment altogether?  Aren't our words, thoughts, dreams and longings inspiration for books, movies and stories of love affairs.  These stories could be the making of legends.  Care to challenge me? The...

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Legends of Royalty Book Launch

Posted by on Dec 13, 2013 in Book Launch | 0 comments

Greek Mythrotica: Legends of Royalty Book Launch Metaphysical Erotica is celebrating the release of its full Greek Mythrotica collection with the Legends of Power book launch. You will never look at Greek mythology the same again. Enter the gates of Mt. Olympus and discover the magic of the ancient immortals as they come alive in their sensual relationships and rekindle the romances that have made them famous. The Legends of Royalty features nine Greek couples: Aphrodite & Haphaestus, Aphrodite & Adonis, Aphrodite & Ares, Athena & Justin, Hera & Zeus, Hera & Adonis, Apollo & Daphne, Psyche & Eros, and Persephone & Hades. A bonus story features Medusa and Poseidon. These Greek Mythrotica short stories examine the mighty gods and goddesses as they are confronted with their emotions, feelings and relationships. Each story encapsulates a central theme that allows...

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