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Lovers Author Preview – Toni Barca

Posted by on Jul 9, 2014 in Books | 0 comments

Toni Barca #1. What inspired you to write erotica?  What were your influences? Paintings at the Louvre museum began my understanding of the erotic sensual dialogue in the visual realm.  As I read novels, I began to explore the missing moments of lovemaking and meaning.  Writers seemed to shy away from exploring the sexual acts.  This frustrated me. I discovered ANAIS NIN, whose words just resonated so strongly that I kept re-reading her powerful short stories. My most favorite collection of erotic short stories are Delta of Venus and the Olympia Reader.  #2.  What do you find sensual in the world and how does this translate in your writing style? I find that everything in life is sensual. From the feel of the wind on one's skin. To waking up to the sound of birds. To the act of listening to a lover...

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