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Sacred erotica to empower, uplift and transform your life

Short Stories

Greek Mythrotica: Two for Triton

Two for Triton delivers a sensual journey of mythrotica, weaving mythology and sacred erotica. Dive into pleasure, mysticism and attraction as Triton emerges from the depths of the oceans and acknowledges the power and beauty of the divine feminine.

Son of Poseidon and steward of the oceans and seas, Triton, delivers his mystical and totally masculine gift of presence, sensuality and erotica with these two short stories.

Triton's Kiss portrays the headstrong, feisty Captain Zena Glenn as she commands her position as the watchdog of the waters. Meeting Triton sparks romantic and sexually charged passion that takes her on an underwater voyage, changing her relationship to the seas forever.

Dreams of Triton unveils the love story between a young artist named Mia and her dream lover. Saved from a traumatic, near-drowning experience, she is forever touched by Triton as he visits her in the dream realm and then finally culminating in a passionately, erotic encounter. Will her dreams be better than reality? Is she willing to follow her destiny or live someone else's dream?

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Greek Mythrotica: The Adventures of Aphrodite

Join Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, on her adventures of romance and self-awareness as she discovers her own power, desires and limitations.  In eroticizing these ancient myths, Aphrodite discovers great depths of compassion as she faces issues of acceptance, understanding and sensitivity in her greatest teachers...Haphaestus, Adonis and Ares.

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