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SG Day #15: What’s the biggest lesson you learned from relationships?

SG Day #15:  What’s the biggest lesson you learned from relationships?

#15.  What is the biggest lesson you’ve received from past relationships and how does it alter your perspective in your current or future relationships?

“Everyone messes up in relationships and has peaks and valleys in their personal lives. When I realized it wasn't the end of the world and I would keep on standing, I knew it was going to be OK.” - Emmy Rossum


The biggest lessons experience in relationships are not always the most memorable or joyful.  After all, relationships are not always easy and the lows can bring great pain but the highs can bring immense joy and connection.  Sometimes relationships meet their end, leaving us either stronger or weaker after the fact.  The lessons we learn in relationships allow us to see the beliefs, patterns and issues that we bring into the situation.  When we gain insight into this, we can achieve another level of conscious awareness.  This is how we open up to love and the possibility of exploring another being.  We invite you to share your biggest lesson and allow others to gain an understanding of how you moved forward.  There are many people in Creation who feel stuck in the past.  It could be your share that triggers the light to shine back in their hearts.

biggest lesson

*** The biggest lesson I've learned from relationships is to trust my intuition about the relationship or the person.  I seem to be a bit hard-headed and when I've ignored my intuitive urgings about someone, the finiteness of the relationship or even my feelings, I've prolonged the situation, thereby hurting both people even more.   Sometimes, I've even put others before me because I didn't want to appear cold hearted or insensitive, thus ignoring my intuition and repeating this super stellar pattern again.  I feel like I've learned from that numerous times now and honor when I hear the intuitive snap to stop, listen and reassess.  I know that in my future relationships, I will be more aware of what my higher self is saying and listen so that I can save myself any further stress or having to learn the biggest lesson again - which is not listening to what my heart is really saying.

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