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Sacred erotica to empower, uplift and transform your life



Welcome to Metaphysical Erotica.  My name is Saqqarah, and  I am delighted that you are here and curious about what this type of erotica is and what it can do for you and your life.  Erotica is more than just smutty stories of graphic sex, bondage and submission or homosexual encounters.  It is a canvas to convey our most sacred relationship with ourselves, our bodies, our feelings and the Divine.  It is a multi-media vehicle that gets you in touch with what turns you on inside and energetically manifests it in your consciousness.  It's powerful.'s hot!

See....this was not what I wanted to do when I was a little girl.  I didn't envision that I would be writing about erotica, leading meditations on activating the body, or teaching about how to drop into yourself and dip your feet into your well of pleasure.

It kind of snuck up behind me and licked me in the ear as the story of two lovers unfolded one day when I was at work.  I was so fascinated by the conversation that I began to follow it.  Some people might say there is medicine for that kind of hallucination, but I knew it was different.  The voices were channeled and told a story of a woman discovering her sexual and psychic powers.  I was intrigued.  And my sensual, naughty nature LOVED it!

I had already been an energy practitioner for over 5 years and was heavily influenced by Egyptian mysticism, Esoteric teachings, sacred geometry and our holographic Universe.  The story that unfolded became the first book, The Root - Discovering Power.  This journey was self-reflective as I discovered my own root chakra dysfunctions and then manifested them in the world through my relationships, health and inner state of being.  What a ride!!!! (Note to self: Don't get on that roller coaster again...)

After I completed The Root, I felt so alive and high - higher than I could imagine!! I knew that I was onto something special.  If facing, acknowledging, clearing and healing my root chakra issues could make me feel so amazing, happy and secure in myself...what else could unfold if we took the journey up to the other chakras?  And what could it do out in the world?

That is how Metaphysical Erotica began.  I realized that in reading a plethora of erotica throughout my life, there was something lacking that was deeper and more intimate.  That missing link was based on energy, intent and a connection to Spirit.  In allowing the sacred vehicle of sex to transmute our pain, wounds, issues and blockages, we could return to wholeness, love and grace.  That is how powerful we are as human beings.

So thank you for checking this site out!  Please stay tuned for our blog posts, new stories, meditations and classes.  I look forward to meeting you in person!


Much Love,


About Saqqarah

Saqqarah is an experienced energy practitioner, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Master Instructor, Akashic Record Reader and a great lover of metaphysics, sacred geometry and holographic sound healing.  She is also a nurse, musician, writer, mother and serial entrepreneur.

Her first book, "The Root: Discovering Power," became a #1 Best Seller on Amazon and she has since released other books in the Mythrotica Series, including "Greek Mythrotica: Legends of Royalty," which stayed in the top 100 of Kindle Free Ebooks under Erotica and Mythology for over a week. She offers edgy, transformative meditations and workshops to assist men and women in integrating the Divine Feminine and Masculine in their every day lives.  She is currently working on the second Metaphysical Erotica novel, "Sacred Fire: Cultivating Power" which is due for release March 2014.

Her work with Metaphysical Erotica focuses on examining central themes prevalent in modern erotic fiction such as control, power and manipulation and uses the vehicle of metaphysics and sacred sex to bring about conscious awareness and personal transformation.

She is available for private and group sessions and can be reached at saqqarah at metaphysicalerotica dot com.


Other Contributors:


Megan Hussey

Megan Hussey is a feminist erotica author known for writing paranormal based fantasy romances, with more than 30 titles in print, audio and e-book forms, and for her work behind the scenes in the women's erotica industry, having written for companies such a Playgirl, Chick Media, Good Vibrations, Little Black Box Gifts and Trejix Toys.

Megan won an Honorable Mention for her book, "Under Cover of Night: The First Book of Nuit" for Love Romances and More in Cafe's 2007 Vampire Book of the Year award.  This book was also acknowledged among the best short fantasy works o the year by Preditors and Editors.  She was also a nominee for the Women Golden Shoe Award for Erotic Romance Reviews; and her book, "The One That Got Away" received a Recommended Read rating from the Erotica Readers and Writers Association.  Many of her stories revolve around fantasy characters such as merman and strong, real female heroines.

Visit her website at