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Sensual Gratitude Day #5: Who is your hero that represents self-power?

Sensual Gratitude Day #5:  Who is your hero that represents self-power?
“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.”
Joseph Campbell

#5. Who is your hero/heroine that embodies full awareness and self-power?

We often look to others for inspiration and motivation, allowing us to push ourselves to greater heights and abilities.  When we are embodies in our full awareness and self-power, we can accomplish anything.  Our heros/heroines may have experienced great human struggle and come out victorious in the end.  This is what encourages the human spirit to believe that they are capable of more than their limitations and beliefs.  We invite you to share who is your hero/heroine and why they inspire you.


*** My heroine is most definitely Mary Magdalene because I feel like she truly understood the role that she played in Yeshua's life; helping him through his initiations, loving him despite the odds, and staying fully in her power to stand firmly by his side.  I honor what she represents in balancing the Divine Masculine as well as her journey as a mother, leader, teacher, wife and lover.  In so many ways, she embodies the Queenliness that many women, including myself, aspire to be and radiate in the world.

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