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Permitting Pleasure – The Key to Unlocking Your Divinity

Permitting Pleasure – The Key to Unlocking Your Divinity

"That pleasure which is at once the most pure, the most elevating and the most intense, is derived, I maintain, from the contemplation of the beautiful." - Edgar Allan Poe


Pleasure is an art form.

How we permit ourselves to receive it is a tell-tale sign of how open we are to receiving more from this bountiful Universe.  It's the key to unlocking our potential and the ability to recognize our own Divine nature.

Think about it...human beings were created to enjoy pleasurable experiences.  How does your body feel when you eat your favorite food?  Happy, right?  Or what about when you take part in your favorite entertaining experience such as a movie, a sporting event, or a night out on the town with your friends.  Pretty stellar? What about when you're smiling, laughing or receiving a compliment? Those are all pleasurable sensations.

So why does our world create a twisted relationship between feeling pleasure and guilt? Those who are successful, empowered and aware of their body and its needs know that pleasure is a guiding compass to whether they are on the right track with their path, purpose and emotions.  Those who exist in a state of dependence, fear and shame feel the negative aspects of pleasure, as if they don't deserve to feel good and instead feel guilty when they delve into an experience that feeds them both energetically and sensually.

This interesting conundrum is evident in how erotica is viewed in mainstream media.  Seen as dirty, naughty or graphic, the theme of pleasure is often buried behind control, power, and need.  Yet...women deviate to this form of fiction because it elicits their pleasure button and they secretly love it.  It allows them to go to a place in their body and mind where they can permit themselves to feel pleasure.

But does it have to be a secret?

Feeling pleasure is a human experience.  Permitting yourself to receive it is a sign of an aware, conscious, and  sensual being.  Your body is a sacred vessel, containing a plethora of sensations wired for pain and pleasure.  When you permit yourself to feel what is inherently a part of your cosmic and natural make-up, you experience the Divine.  That is where true power dwells.



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