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Memories still come…

Memories still come…

Memories still come of how your touch felt on my skin.

Thoughts weave through my day as I am reminded of your scent.  My eyes close as I hear a song that makes me think of you.  A smile tugs on my face when I remember how you would whisper in my ear...

That's how powerful memories are.  They are preserved in a video clip of your mind that locks in a special time when you were wrapped around another.  When that story runs its course, you are left only with experiences encapsulated in your cellular memory.

There are those experiences you'd rather not remember, sequestering it in a vault that you guard tightly.  There are others, though, that bubble to the surface, popping your reality with reminders of how it felt to be loved, seduced, touched, appreciated, even adored.  Those memories are harder to wipe out since they are infused with the charged energy of pleasure, passion and power.  And that's what your body remembers, making it hard for you to forget how another touched your heart, your spirit, your soul.

Lovers can come and go, but sometimes there's THAT ONE that you think back on.  That one that opened your body to such deep levels of pleasure, inviting you to surrender and let go.  You ache just thinking about losing yourself in the sensations of every molecule coming alive.  You long to fall apart in the wake of passionate release.  You want to dive into the abyss of your capacity to feel and come out revitalized.

But you don't.

And there's a good reason why.  The past stays in the past on purpose.  The story has reached its conclusion.  The cords have been cut in separation.  And most of all, the heart detached for self-preservation.

It comes down to one single decision: either you pick them or you pick yourself.  And even when you choose yourself...the memories still come.  It as if being in a state of love never fully leaves you.  It is as if the imprint leaves a reminder on your body.

What to do, what to do?!?

Look, we're human.  We feel things. We deal with emotions, thoughts and patterns of behavior.  We self-obsess and judge without end.  Deep inside though, we are inherently operating on the principle that we are good people and try to act in integrity.  And we do...when we leave the past IN THE PAST.

Memories exist for a reason.

1. They help define the key people in our lives who have shaped who we are, how we act, and how we think.
2. They teach us lessons in behavior and reaction.  Through memories, we gain insight and perspective.
3.  They give us a glimpse of how our desires and wants manifest into reality.
4.  They show us the capacity of others to love or hate, accept or reject, encourage or deny.
5.  They tell the story of our lives, who we are, and how we love.

But they don't have to rule you, own you or hold you captive to where you no longer are.  You have power over your memories, your choices and your actions.

When your past comes crashing into your present, remember, you always have a choice to repeat those patterns or rise above them into a higher behavior.  Your past does not have to define you so as long as you live in your state of integrity.  In doing so, you preserve the beauty of what once was....


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